Parents’ Guide

Welcome to our Parents’ Guide.  Here we present the basic rules, a field diagram, some information on the various lacrosse positions.  We also include some fitness and skills drills for players who want to become better in between practices and in between seasons.  See the corresponding links at the bottom of this page.

We would also like to give you a few hints to make a great game day for you children:

  1. Arrival. Get them to the game on time.  Unless the coach tells you differently, arrive 45 minutes before the face-off.  This will allow your player to get his or her gear on, get hydrated, get warmed up, help with field set-up as needed, and allow for any unforeseen circumstances.  Mom, have you seen my mouthpiece?
  2. Equipment. Make sure they have all of the equipment they need to play and be safe.  See the Equipment page of this web site for a guide.  And yes, before you ask, we recommend they wear a cup.
  3. Food and drink.  Make sure they have eaten a proper meal at least two, preferably three hours before game time.  Make sure they drink plenty of water before the game and bring twice as much as you think you will need for them for during and after the game.
  4. During the game…  Sit on the side of the field opposite the players.  Bring a chair.  Bring an umbrella for the sun if there is not a shady spot.  Cheer “look up!” and “look for the pass!” instead of “run!” to encourage them to get the ball moving faster.  Always be supportive and positive, reward good effort, and be nice to the other team.  Never give the refs a hard time – trust us, they work nearly for free and are just doing it for the kids.
  5. Volunteer.  We are always looking for volunteers at home games to help set up the field, run the timer, do the score sheet, etc.  No experience necessary.  Pay is bad but hours are easy.  Just see Jamie, Glenn or Coach Kevin before the game and they will put you to work.
  6. Learn the game.   Knowing more about the game will help you enjoy it more and will allow your kid to be a better player.



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