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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When does the season start and end?

A: Fall season begins in Mid September and goes until Late October.  Spring season runs from April through June (sometimes mid-July depending on Tournament commitments).

Q: Is this field lacrosse or box lacrosse or both?

A: Both! In the spring, we integrate box lacrosse into the program for the boys. In the fall, we only play field lacrosse. Girls will play field lacrosse but will practice inside once a week.

Q: Are we playing in a league this year?

A: The league that’s available to us is 100% Box lacrosse focused, if the desire is there for the players at Bantam age and older to commit to a Box Lacrosse season we will register.   Otherwise we will look for local games and join field tournaments where possible.

Q: Is there winter training?

A: Typically no, as the club grows and we establish a core group of players we will explore winter training possibilities and need.

Q: How are the Lynx age groups broken down?

A: Both boys and girls teams are broken down as detailed below.   However, if we are not able to field a full team at any age grade we may consider combining age grades where appropriate.

  • Tykes = Age 8 or under at start of current calendar year
  • Novice = Age 10 or under at start of current calendar year
  • Peewee = Age 12 or under at start of current calendar year
  • Bantam = Age 14 or under at start of current calendar year
  • Midget = Age 16 or under at start of current calendar year
  • Junior Varsity (JV) = Age 18 or under at start of current calendar year

We may adapt these age groupings when we travel to the US for example, whose systems are offset by a year in comparison to ours.

Q: How many days a week do we practice or play games?

A: Practice 2 times a week and games 1 day a week.   On weekends with no scheduled games for your team, you will have practice!

Q: Where can I buy equipment?

A: Locally, you can go out to Stinger Sport in Pt. Claire.  Alternatively, you can order online at a retailer like lax.com or lacrossemonkey.com.

Q: How can I get better and prepare for the season?

A: Number one, you should start the season in shape.  Run sprints, lift weights (older players), do agility drills, play other sports.  And number two, play wall ball!  http://beginnerlacrosse.com/lacrosse-wall-ball.asp.  Email info@westmountlynx.com if you have specific questions.

Q: I would like to play lacrosse this spring but given my other interests I can only show up once or twice a week.  Is that OK?

A: No.  Please do not sign up unless you can commit to the team.

Q: I do not like to run.  Is lacrosse a good sport for me?

A: No.

Q: What are the rules of lacrosse? Can you share some links?

A: Below are links to boys’/men’s rules from both the US and Canada.

US: http://www.uslacrosse.org/sites/default/files/public/documents/rules/2017-boys-youth-rules.pdf

Canada: https://secure.pointstreaksites.com/files/uploaded_documents/2253/2015_CLA_MF_Rulebook_-_FINAL_-_Website.pdf

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