Off Season Workouts

Off Season Workouts

Here is the workout plan we use in the off-season.


Complete 3-4 programs per week on a rotating basis. Performing these exercises together in groups will help to encourage you to finish them. Warm up with a 1 mile jog, jump rope, ride a bike or complete the agility drills listed.

The warm-up should last around 10 minutes. Rest between reps the same amount of time it took you to do the rep. Make sure you stretch before and after you workout.

Agility Drills: (About 15 yards up and back)

– Jog 60%
– High Knees
– Side shuffle
– Crossovers
– Back Pedal
– Sprint

Program 1: (1920 yards in total)

– 4 forty yard sprints
– 4 sixty yard sprints
– 4 eighty yard sprints
– 4 one hundred yard sprints
– 2 two hundred yard sprints
– 1 four hundred yard sprint

Program 2: (2400 yards in total)

– Sprint the straight away and jog the curves around a quarter mile track. Complete 6 laps.

Program 3: (2800 yards in total)

– 4 four hundred yard sprints
– 4 two hundred yard sprints
– 4 one hundred yard sprints

Program 4: (1760 yards in total)

– A one mile timed run. Complete this once a week as a test of your progress. I will require a sub-8 minute mile at the start of the season.

Stick Skills: I recommend completing this workout EVERY DAY that you are not otherwise playing or practicing (short sticks AND long poles). The off-season is THE BEST TIME to work on you stick skills, particularly with your OFF-HAND. You will complete this as a wall ball workout. You should challenge yourself with your speed and keep you feet moving during the workouts and work on the recommended dodges. Stretch your forearms, chest and shoulders before and after you do this.

– 40 right-handed
– 40 left-handed
– 40 catch right, throw left (split dodge)
– 40 catch left, throw right (split dodge)
– 20 catch right, throw left (roll dodge)
– 20 catch left, throw right (roll dodge)
– 20 right-handed quick-sticks (no cradle)
– 20 left-handed quick-sticks (no cradle)
– 20 throw with 2 hands catch with 1 (right)
– 20 throw with 2 hands catch with 1 (left)

You should also independently work on your dodges as well as shooting. A good rule-of-thumb is to take at least 20 shots for every shot you expect to take during a game. Vary your speeds, work on placement and most importantly shoot with BOTH hands. Again this applies to shorties and longpoles!

Happy Laxin!

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