America’s First Sport (with video)

America’s First Sport

This film is an interesting history of lacrosse that traces its roots to the First Nations and also discusses Montreal’s crucial, historic role in the sport. Lacrosse is BOTH the oldest sport in America, and the fastest growing in sport so far in the 21st century!

Growth of college/university lacrosse (CUFLA –  )  in  Canada has been impressive, from four teams in 1986 to 15 teams in 2013: 1986-1990 – 4 teams

  • 1990-2001 – 8 teams
  • 2002-2006 – 10 teams
  • 2006-2011 – 12 teams
  • 2011-2013 – 13 teams
  • 2013 –   —  15 teams*

*probable additions of Ottawa University and Nipissing University at CUFLA’s March 29th

In addition to the CUFLA, the Maritime Field Lacrosse League ( ) has run a five-team league in Atlantic Canada for over one decade, while Simon Fraser University in BC ( ) has fielded one of North America’s most successful MCLA-1 lacrosse teams.  In 2013, four university club lacrosse teams emerged in BC and in Alberta, and in 2014, four of Quebec’s francophone universities are creating a club league!

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